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*How can I pay? The forms of payment accepted are cash, certified checks, personal/company checks accompanied by a bank letter of guarantee and wire transfers. Credit cards are accepted at some of our sales. To find out what forms of payment are accepted for a particular sale, please click the terms tab on the individual sale you may be interested in.

*What is the removal policy? The auctioneer announces all terms of removal prior to each sale. All items must be removed in workmanship-like manner.

*Do I have to pay in full today? All bills must be paid at the conclusion of each auction. Other arrangements (i.e. wiring funds, over-night delivery of bank checks, etc.) must be made prior to the sale with the auctioneer or a representative of the company.

*Is everything for sale in proper working condition (any guarantee)? We sell everything in an "as is, where is" condition and we offer NO guarantee as to the working order of anything we sell. Items may be tested prior to the sale and we offer inspection of equipment prior to every auction. Anything that we are positive does not work correctly we list and sell "as is". The only guarantee is a good clean bill of sale for each item purchased.

*Do I have to pay tax? All items sold at a personal property public auction are taxable. If you are a dealer with a federal TAX ID # and resell the type of products we are selling, then you would be tax exempt.

*Can I pay and take my piece while the sale is in progress? There will be no removal of any items until the sale has finished. All bills can be paid immediately after the conclusion of the sale. Removal while accompanied by a Paul Saperstein employee may begin thereafter.

*Can I put myself on a mailing list to be notified about future sales? You can enter all of your mailing information through this website to be notified of future sales in specific categories you are interested in. ** Click here to join our mailing list**.

*Do I have to register to bid at the auction? In order to bid at all of our auctions, you must register for the sale. Registering for a sale is free and we will not share or sell your information to anybody inquiring.

*What is a Buyer's Premium? A Buyer's Premium is a percentage additional charge on the purchase price of a lot. There is usually no Buyer's Premium in a bankruptcy case.

*Who can I have remove my items from the auction site? This is your personal choice. All items must be removed in a timely fashion as is dictated by the removal times announced prior to the sale. At some sales, movers and riggers might attend and pass out their business cards. These companies are not affiliated with the Paul E. Saperstein Co., Inc.

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