Payment Types
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Only cash, cashier's check, certified funds and wire transfers made payable to Paul E. Saperstein Co., Inc. will be accepted. A company check will be accepted only if accompanied by a letter from your bank guaranteeing payment in full.

Bank letters require the following:

*Must be typed on bank letterhead stationary and must be addressed to Paul E. Saperstein Co., Inc.

*Must reference you or your company, your bank account number and check number used in the purchase.

*Must indicate the name or names of the check signers.

*Must guarantee payment to Paul E. Saperstein Co., Inc. up to a specified dollar amount, which must be equal to or greater than the total amount being purchased.

*Must specify the guarantee is good for ten business days after the letter date to allow enough time for the check to clear the banking system.

*Must be signed by an officer of the bank and include their direct dial phone number for verification purposes.


An example of such a letter is as follows:
(On Bank Stationary)

Bank Letter of Guarantee  

To Whom It May Concern:

This bank unconditionally guarantees payment to Paul E. Saperstein Co., Inc., from (name of Customer) drawn on account #___________ up to the amount of $dollar amount. This letter is valid for purchases at the (name of auction) auction sale on (date of sale) and for ten business days following the auction.


(Name of Manager & Bank, Signature)


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