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The Paul E. Saperstein Co., Inc. (PESCO) values and respects the privacy of its customers. This Privacy Policy explains the way that PESCO uses and protects the personal information customers provide on its website. All employees of PESCO and PESCO website participants are required to follow clearly defined guidelines and any breach of these terms and conditions could result in termination of the employee or termination of usage rights.

PESCO's website is not only used for information about its services and upcoming auctions, but also offers an internet platform for online auctions. When participants register for an online auction and/or make a bid on any item up for sale on the PESCO website, it grants its approval with the application of this Privacy Policy and gives its express consent to the processing of its information.

Every participant in an online auction and customer at the PESCO website submits personal information such as name, company name, address, phone number and email address. This information is stored and used by PESCO to monitor offers for sale or bids, to monitor performance, utilization of features and services and traffic trends of the website and to inform participants about products and services of the website.

Furthermore, this information may be transmitted to third parties in order to comply with any valid legal process to protect PESCO's rights and property, in special emergencies where physical safety is at risk and to all users of PESCO's website as far as is necessary to identify the relevant participant interested in buying and/or selling certain products. All information will be updated regularly and only stored to the extent necessary in order to pursue the above purposes.

PESCO may allow transfer of information between registered participants via email. Any buyer or seller desiring to make use of this communication channel with another buyer or seller understands that this information is available to the intended recipient party and to PESCO only. In no way will this information be shared with other participants or other web sites that may or may not have links on the PESCO web site.

PESCO uses its best efforts to protect participant's information. Nevertheless, participants of a sale or of the website acknowledge that the information they enter and post may be available for certain other participants of the sale or website and PESCO cannot guarantee the security of any information disclosed online. Participants also acknowledge that any information disclosed online inherently is subject to security and privacy limitations.

Participants may at any time request correction or deletion of any of any personal information which is incomplete or incorrect by sending an email to Participants may also oppose the processing of personal information for purposes of direct marketing. Personal information must be completely filled out, however, to be allowed to bid during an online auction.

PESCO uses its best technical and organizational efforts to ensure that all personal information is stored in a secured area with restricted access granted by the PESCO IT department. PESCO secures information with firewall protection from outside internet access with username and password restricted access.

Participants may not disclose or share their PESCO usernames or passwords with any unauthorized third party. Sharing ones password may lead to a loss of control over such information and may be subject to legally binding actions taken on the participant's behalf. Therefore, if a password has been compromised for any reason, it is the participant's responsibility to change the password immediately and/or inform PESCO as soon as possible. For any information on any part of this Privacy Policy or for additional information on the practices of PESCO or the PESCO website, email us at or call


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