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Apt/ Condo 100+ units

Fixer Upper Damaged Homes

Commercial Land

Retail Condo

Industrial Condo

Office Condo

Residential Land - possible development 1-10 lots/units

Residential Land - possible development 11-49 lots/units

Residential Land - possible development 50+ lots/units

Commericial Land

Raw Land

Shopping Centers

Hotels/ Motels

Nursing Homes/ Assisted Living Facilities

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You can track an item without placing a bid? Check the box marked tracking, but don't enter a bid. The items will be added to your Item Tracker, along with any other items you have placed bids on.
After you have bought or sold something, you can use the best After Sale features around in the Purchases/Sales area.
Auctions may close at any time of the day, but notices are sent to the buyers and sellers involved once a day, at about 1 AM EST. Everything that has transpired between the buyer and seller for that day is sent in one email, with totals. This and many other time saving features are things that Paul E. Saperstein Co, Inc. can do for you!